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Project management

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The objectives of this work package are to ensure an efficient organisation and management structure for a successful completion of the Project and to monitor progress of the tasks and objectives identified in the proposal as well as to provide an effective dissemination and exploitation plan for the project results.


Description of work (possibly broken down into tasks), and role of participants

The overall day-to day management of the project will be the responsibility of the Project Coordinator, Dr Whelan (IQUR), assisted by a specialist European Project Manager based within University College London’s European Research and Development Office (ERDO).

Work Package Leaders (WPLs) will assist the Coordinator in the technical and scientific coordination of the Project and a Governing Board (GB) consisting of one representative of each partner will be the ultimate decision making body of the Consortium.


Management tasks will be:


Task 8.1 Project financial, contractual and administrative management (iQur, UCL, M1-M43)

The project financial, contractual and administrative management tasks will be performed by a designated European Project Manager of ERDO. The Project Manager will report to the Coordinator and will be in charge of:

8.1.1. Providing the interface between the  Consortium and the European Commission and acting as a focal point for project communications and day-to-day queries from inside and outside the consortium;

8.1.2. Establishing the infrastructure required for the project’s efficient administration, including:

  • Developing and maintaining individualised templates for tracking and reporting partners’ progress, finances and dissemination activities;
  • Establishing and maintaining of the project’s communication and documentation storage systems, including the development of a Project website to be used for both internal and external communication;
  • Maintaining the project contact lists and other project databases for reporting and controlling.

8.1.3. Maintaining the project’s Consortium Agreement and monitoring and addressing all related matters, including Intellectual Property issues, legal issues and issues relating to publication and dissemination;

8.1.4. Carrying out financial management activities, including financial planning, financial monitoring and the distribution of pre-financing to partner organisations;

8.1.5. Organising Steering Committee meetings, project Advisory Board meetings and EC project reviews;

8.1.6. Collating information and inputs for the contractual project periodic reports

8.1.7. Drafting and negotiating additional agreements and other documents as necessary, such as Grant Agreement amendment requests, Memoranda of Understanding or competitive calls for new project partners.


Task 8.2 Dissemination and exploitation of Project’s results (all partners, M1-M43)

8.2.1. The knowledge generated by the Project will be disseminated in both written publications in targeted scientific journals and participation to high profile conferences.

8.2.2. IPR ownership and exploitation of project results issues will be negotiated within the Partners and addressed in the Project Consortium Agreement, to be signed by all Beneficiaries before the signature of the EC Grant Agreement. Adequate and effective legal protection measures will be investigated and implemented every time the Project results can be protected. 

8.2.3. An audit of existing patent portfolio will be carried out at the beginning of the Project and updated on an annual basis to provide the Consortium with the most detailed information on market analysis and competitor profiling.

8.2.4. A detailed exploitation plan will finally be prepared by WP leaders and the Coordinator and maintained throughout the Project, to ensure that the technology developed by FLUTCORE will generate novel and competitive marketable products. Possible exploitation barriers (including ethical and regulatory aspects) will be identified and their impact assessed to optimize the vaccine’s market entry strategy. The emergence of other competing technologies will also be analysed.



Deliverables** (brief description and month of delivery)

D 8.1 Project website (P4-UCL, M4)

D 8.2 Dissemination plan (IQUR, M12)

D 8.3 Exploitation plan (IQUR, M25)


[1]   Please indicate one activity per work package: RTD = Research and technological development; DEM = Demonstration; MGT = Management of the consortium; OTHER = Other specific activities, if applicable (including any activities to prepare for the dissemination and/or exploitation of project results, and coordination activities).